ūüēĪ Our¬†Backbone¬†ūüēĪ

Mortis Ores is a vision born from the obsession for extraordinary and bold statement jewelry with unapologetic attitude. 

Craftsmanship and originality are the essence of our creations. 

We embrace the idea of serving nature's blessing through our unique combinations of precious metals, gemstones, bones and leather in our jewelry. Dark statement pieces that catch eyeballs and make people stare, jewelry that will become a part of your identity you wear to show off. 

All of our jewelry are masterfully handcrafted with Swiss precision for 
details and craftsmanship.From our standard collection to bespoke work, we constantly push the boundaries of our imagination and skills. All of our jewelry are either hand fabricated or cast using the lost wax casting process.

Combining cutting-edge technology and age-old techniques, our jewelry are among the largest and heaviest wearable pieces on the market and we pride ourselves in ensuring our collections are both well made and fair priced. 

ūüēĪ¬†Bespoke Jewelry ūüēĪ

Be it a statement ring with awe-inspring design, a pendant created from your favorite piece of art, a bold bracelet that speaks your untamed soul, let us know your ideas and we can turn your wishes into exquisite work of wearable art. 

From the moment your idea is born to CAD design to the actual making of your bespoke work, we will make sure that our creation will truly become your personal statement piece. We can send you behind-the-scene footage of your jewelry so that you will always be an integral part of the creation.  

ūüēĪ¬†Our Promise¬†ūüēĪ

Our team strive to provide you with world-class craftsmanship, fair prices and personal customer service that will make you connect with us and our work. We have traveled around the world to look for inspirations and our jewelry will surely let you express your exquisite taste. 

All of our jewelry are designed in-house by our artists to ensure originality and uniqueness and the quality of our works will stand test of time.


Long Live the Dark Souls.