Our deer antlers are collected mainly from farmed sources of the pristine environment in New Zealand. They are naturally-shed & therefore no deer was harmed during the harvest.

Antlers are essentially bones made of calcium and phosphorus, they are extensions of the skulls of (usually male) members of the deer family. These tissues grow extremely fast, sometimes as much as a quarter-inch daily. Antlers shed annually, with these being replaced by the growth of bigger and more branched antlers.

Antlers from New Zealand are among the best in the world, the pristine land with rich soil, lush greenery, a temperate climate and some of the cleanest environments on earth makes it the ideal location for top grade antler growth.

We use high density antlers to create hardy, durable long-lasting jewelry you will enjoy for many years to come. Our antlers are dyed with natural tea essence to achieve their dark aesthetics without harsh chemicals to harm Mother Nature or your skin.